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02-Jan-24 - 06:56 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Songs of the Ancient Matriarch (Holly Tannen)
Subject: ADD: Doin’ It Doggy Style (Holly Tannen)
First sploem of 2024! I hope the Arabic and Hebrew don’t get disinformatted.

Doin’ It Doggy Style

Words: F the Ineffable
Tune: Puttin' On The Style, traditional American folk song

As I walked down Big River Beach
Upon a New Year’s Day,
To wash my feet and watch the birds
And mammals sport and play.

Pelicans and western gulls
And cormorants and seals
Plunging in the water
Snatching up their happy meals.

I sat upon a log to write,
It always makes me smile
Watching people and their pups
Who do it doggy style.

Doin’ it doggy style
Doin’ it doggy style
People and their puppy dogs
All doin’ it doggy style

A cute substandard poodle
Gaily splashing in the waves
A dauntless goldendoodle
Boldly snurfling through the caves.

Begging beagles hoping for
A tidbit or a meal
Queensland heelers looking for
A lonely lamb to heal.

As I walked down Big River Beach
One February day
A chick and her chihuahua
Stood there shivering in the spray.

“I bought a silk-lined woolen coat
For my sweet precious pet
He got knocked over by a wave
And now he’s soaking wet.”

Al estilo perrito
Al estilo perrito
En la playa lo hacen
Al estilo perrito.

As I walked out at lunchtime
In the merry month of May
A lady with a Labrador
To me these words did say:

“I’m sorry that he licked you
I’m sorry he jumped up
I’m sorry that he knocked you down,
He’s 5, he’s just a pup.”

Twas on a fine June morning
I rambled on the sand.
A doctor gave his Doberman
A sit and stay command.

Wir lieben Große Flussstrand
Wir kommen jedes Jahr
Wir waren heute Mittag dort
Betrunken in Dick's Bar.

As I strolled down Big River Beach
One foggy August day
A woman with no dogs at all
To me these words did say

I haven’t seen seen my elkhounds
Odin, Freya, Thor, and Loki
Since I sang Sound of Silence
At the Clearlake karaoke.

Hater du Lyden av Stillhet,
Odin, Loke, Freya, Thor?
Var musikken for høy for deg?
Jeg lurer på hvor du er.

As I walked out one morning
On a bright September day
A surfer with a Malinois
To me these words did say

Jean-Jacques adore courir le long
De la Grande Rivière
Je ne le tiens jamais en laisse
Aux plages de la mer.

Mashit ealaa tul alshaati
One cold November day
A displaced Palestinian
In Arabic did say

كيمكنك إحضار لوح ركوب الأمواج الخاص ب
ةاشرب كوكا كولا أو بير
ةالوضع هنا أكثر أمانًا من غز
اأعتقد أنني سأبقى هن

And as I ate my sandwich, hard-
Boiled egg on whole wheat bread
A kind Israeli couple looked up
From their phones and said

םהפסוק הזה לא אומר כלו
וגוגל תרגום ניסה כמיטב יכולת
אבל זה עדיין מגוחך. גרמתי לך להסתכל!

עושה את זה בסגנון כלבלב
עושה את זה בסגנון כלבלב

יש יותר מדי שמוץ בקיבוץ
אז נישאר כאן לזמן מה

You can bring your surfboard
Take a drink or take a toke
You can watch the sunset
With the local doggy folk

You can wander by yourself
Or stop and chat a while
You don’t have to have a dog
To do it doggy style.

Hope you will create lots of what you love in 2024.


Friendship is a sheltering tree
Bud and blossom, branch and fruit
Kind and kindred souls agree
Green the stem and deep the root.