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Posted By: Steve Shaw
04-Jan-24 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hamas attacks Israel - part II
Subject: RE: BS: Hamas attacks Israel - part II
It's terrible. At the moment it looks as though the Saudis and their allied states are desperate to avoid escalation, and Hezbollah can see that it wouldn't be in their interests either. But there are plenty of potential flashpoints: commercial shipping in the Gulf has been disrupted almost to a standstill, Hamas/Hezbollah want revenge for the killing of the Hamas leader in Lebanon and Isis have claimed responsibility for the slaughter in Iran. At the heart of it all as things are right now is that ratbag who's in charge in Israel (which in no way is to excuse what Hamas did). There's only one person on the planet who can stop him, and the world is increasingly asking the question, so why doesn't he?