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09-Jan-24 - 07:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: GOOD news
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Now that UFOs are an existential fact in the view of the government research in the space-time technology that I have long believed is at work is being investigated. Here is a link to such work

The potential existence of the space-time harmonics mean that if a craft at a
specified space-time point could artificially generate a configuration of electro-/
hydromagnetic fields which has a resonance with a distant space-time point, a
basic imbalance would be created. This imbalance would be out of harmony with
the "projection laws" which create the space-time properties from higher dimensional properties. Forces would be set in motion to re-establish a balance which
in this case require that the craft and its fields to be located at the space-time
point where such field configurations are a natural harmonic of that space-time
metric. The best analogy in every day life is that of tuning a radio. The tuning
knob in this case is the spacecraft's mechanism for changing the configuration of the
magnetic wave form. The radio stations are the various space-time points. For a
radio, the signal (which is always there), is manifested through the speakers
associated with the radio, for the field resonance system the speakers exist only
at the radio station. Once the spacecraft's magnetic wave form is tuned into a
distant space-time point, that wave form is forced to manifest only at that spacetime point according to the "projection laws".
A means of generating the electro-/hydromagnetic configurations which would be
required remained a problem until the study of magnetic field line merging and
hydromagnetic wave effects was undertaken. With the completion of recent thesis
research, a possible means for generating the magnetic wave form was determined
(Holt, 1979). This research along with the results of fusion research resulted in
the proposed implementation of a spacecraft which generates megagauss magnetic
fields which are oppositely directed (See Figure 3). These oppositely directed
field lines will merge and re-connect expelling magnetic fields and plasma out
to the sides. In this initial concept, expelled field lines again meet oppositely
directed field lines.and merge again, possibly forcing large amounts of electromagnetic and hydromagnetic radiation outside the craft. This concept is currently
undergoing revision.
In the proposed implementation (See Figure 3). high powered lasers are used to generate
the megagauss fields by the effects of non-colinear temperature and density gradients
(Kruer and Estabrook, 19.77; Max et alt , 1978; Nishihara and Ohsawa, 1976). By
alternately pulsing adjacent laser sets, the location of the merging processes can
be made to oscillate back and forth at a desired rate. The amount of laser
energy can be varied to alter the strength of the magnetic fields. Thus by
changing the laser's power and/or wavelength and the pulse frequency, the resultant
magnetic wave form can be changed or tuned to the desired harmonic of a distant spacetime point. If flight to a nearby location is desired, the magnetic wave form can
be continuously re-tuned allowing very quick and short space-time transformations.
For an observer it would appear to be a smooth flight in much the same way that we
do not see the individual frames of a film. For large jumps or travel to very
distant space-time points, some means of preventing the tuning to intermediate
space-time points is required.