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Posted By: MaJoC the Filk
05-Feb-24 - 05:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Our reinvented Science - AI contributions
Subject: RE: BS: Our reinvented Science - AI contributions
> It's time for a good definition of AI.

1) Attempting to emulate the human brain.

2) Attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the buying public.

.... of which the latter is much more successful. The current fad (ChatGPT and similar) isn't even AI: it's a glorified game of Guess The Next Word, hence its tendency to invent facts out of fresh air with extreme confidence.

I can't find the reference atm, but the ultimate customers of any such service are either those who pay highly and expect accurate results, or those who pay little to nothing for fluency. Once everybody notices that they're paying through the nose for fluency with errors, and that correcting the results requires at least as many people as they thought the machines were displacing, neither camp will be satisfied, and the bubble will burst.