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Posted By: MaJoC the Filk
08-Feb-24 - 11:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Our reinvented Science - AI contributions
Subject: RE: BS: Our reinvented Science - AI contributions
From The Register: Survey: Over half of undergrads in UK are using AI in university assignments

More than half of undergraduates in the UK are using AI to complete their assignments, according to a study conducted by the Higher Education Policy Institute.


* We aren't long from auto-chat feeding mainly on itself, after which all connection with real life will be obviously lost.

* My daughter was told, when doing her degree at Durham, that any essay which used Wikipedia would be marked down to zero. Once use of AI becomes detectable (see above), the universities will select in favour of those who are prepared to think for themselves.

I can see the disciplinary interview now: "No, you did *not* pay twenty grand to obtain a degree --- what you paid twenty grand for was to have access to lectures, and to sit the exam. Getting a degree is left as an exercise for the student, not the student's computer."