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Posted By: Donuel
16-Feb-24 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Our reinvented Science - AI contributions
Subject: RE: BS: Our reinvented Science - AI contributions
'I Robot' was a facile warning film regarding AI.

A Secret Too Big
To my knowledge, there are six institutions in the US each with their own unique concepts and ethics in their development of AI.
In China there are three advanced AI labs.

The world has seen how soon a scientific concept of E=MC2 became weapons used against civilians. AI has its existential dangers but it is minuscule compared to the next scientific concept that goes beyond mass and energy and involves the relationship between time and space.

That technology can never be possessed by human minds and hands. We as a species will never have the responsibility to use it wisely without weaponizing this unimaginable power that is potentially more insidious than fission and fusion.

We get a glimpse of the mastery of the next two mysteries of space and time in the navigation of UAPs which is an offshoot of that next-level tech. Keeping this from our prying hands is essential, should we apply these concepts in anger or sheer foolishness. It is better to be blind than extinct. I has been said, "Nothing is as beautiful as a mystery".
I beg to differ.

While stars and our sun shine from the relation between mass and energy, the relation between space and time takes place inside black holes. It is a place where time is transformed into space, among other things. May God prevent us from ever exploiting this knowledge. Our psychic distemper is beyond vaccination. It is too volatile for humans to touch.

You might expect someone or something will eventually spill the beans.
What should have remained theoretical becomes transformational and leads to a tragic doom in our short story on Earth.