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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
17-Mar-01 - 02:46 AM
Thread Name: Thought for the day -St. Patrick's 2001
Subject: RE: Thought for the day -St. Patrick's 2001

Plastic paddy, green beer, shamrock and leprechaun puke!?! What has this to do with St. PATRICK???

I'm too busy today playing music for drunk stupid people who don't know or care the half of it... The $$ is great, but it takes me until May before I can look at myself in the mirror, 38 hours of playing Wild Rover, Black Velvet Band Mush a ring rumma cram it up yer hole with walnuts and pretending to like it... Green plastic hats on idiots who wouldn't know a saint if one touched their head and raised their IQ above their shoe size...

I have no problem at all with a drunk fest, but don't try to dress it up as a 'cultural' event...

And when I'm hauling gear in or out of the pub, stay the feck out of my way thanks! I have too much crap to do today to put up with your moist, stanky-ass green-dye#25 breath wanting to hear Drunken Sailor ONE MORE TIME!!! Sing it yer fecking self!!!