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Posted By: Donuel
13-Mar-24 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: MOAB's Daughter (of all BS) part 3
Subject: RE: MOAB's Daughter (of all BS) part 3
Naturally, a well-trained orthopedist would benefit from well-honed carpentry skills which is not the nonsense Maggie implied.
My ultimate point is that our limited 5 senses can not image the quantum realm without a virtual imagination. Atoms are not spheres with orbiting particles like planetary mechanics. Atoms are more like vibrating energy fields that operate more like perpetual motion particle waves.

Imagination can unlock the concept that what we perceive as solid is actually empty space that also contains vibratory energy. Energy and mass are two aspects of the same thing just as space and time are a different aspect of a similar energy. It helps to have an artist's concept to imagine the reality of our quantum universe. The quality of the mind's eye and imagination is our best tool to know more of the universe and scientists speculate that we only know about 4% of reality. Math is our other best tool.

Even the art of music offers clues to the quantum world. It seems like a particle occupying the same space at the same time is a paradox but music allows for two or more frequencies in the same sound space without confusion. The wisdom of the music is that the relationship between the notes is most important in the effect it has.

It is said truth is beauty and beauty is truth. It is in our mind that beauty exists. If the universe has a consciousness it too may perceive beauty. If not, the universe is blind. I doubt that.