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Posted By: GUEST,Steve Shaw
19-Mar-24 - 02:32 PM
Thread Name: English pro-life album: Little Innocents (Garbutt)
Subject: RE: English folk pro - life album
I doubt whether Vin changed as many people's minds as the people he irritated with his "pro-life" song. We had him at our folk club (long gone, sadly) at least half a dozen times and he was just about the most personable and amusing bugger on the planet. He did his song, as he was entitled to, but folk club audiences don't necessarily care for being beaten around the head with someone's strong and possibly controversial views (Dick Gaughan, here's looking at ya, baby!). We just ummed and ahhed here in Bude but I heard that the song got him into hot water at some venues. But when I think of Vin I think of a cheery, upbeat, friendly and very funny man.