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Posted By: GUEST,Steve Shaw
22-Mar-24 - 08:15 PM
Thread Name: English pro-life album: Little Innocents (Garbutt)
Subject: RE: English pro-life album: Little Innocents (Garbutt)
To be very clear. And I think that Joe Offer might heartily agree: there is not a caring, thinking person on this planet who is "pro-abortion." There are plenty of people who support a woman's right to choose what she does with her body. Who lament the fact that we are bloody useless at doing what we should be doing to radically improve education, for girls and boys, about sex and relationships. About providing free contraception and family planning support to women. About developing respect for both yourself and your partners. About how to resist the baleful influence of social media. About how to fight ignorance and inequality in our societies.   About how we need to stop religions from imposing their fake morality when it comes to the kind of sexual activity that is so widespread among their own kind. I don't want to hear anti-abortionist shit. I want to hear how we can improve our society in ways that would ensure that abortion would be reduced to vanishingly small numbers, done without repressive laws and without the persecution of our women.