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Posted By: Donuel
25-Mar-24 - 07:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Our reinvented Science - AI contributions
Subject: RE: BS: Our reinvented Science - AI contributions
Rigging the system is a lesson AI can easily learn from us.
A disaster movie 'Delete' is a fairly scary AI film.

Regarding the subject of reinvented science, there really needs to be a reinvention that allows for more than the mainstream POV.
Some of the mainstream-supported ideas are bigoted nonsense.
String theory has been quietly abandoned while new ideas are attacked without mercy with destructive criticism.

Paul Dirac said new ideas should not be attacked in their infancy.
Even Einstein is a reliable map but it is not the territory.
Requiring only old science to be the path to new understanding is a gigantic mistake. Academia is a very bigoted cop on the block.
Examining the evidence and data is often denied for political reasons.