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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
25-Mar-24 - 11:00 PM
Thread Name: English pro-life album: Little Innocents (Garbutt)
Subject: RE: English pro-life album: Little Innocents (Garbutt)
Focus on what I commented on - the remark about "natural abortions" - call them miscarriages. I reject alluding to some abortions are better than others, or the attempt to characterize the pregnancies as wanted or not - that is simply none of your business. And the no one is "pro abortion" nonsense. I am pro-abortion because it is a medical procedure that needs to be available and the reasons are no one's business except that of the pregnant person. And you are all old men discussing women's business. I wasn't wrong about that. (Yes I saw that many of you don't agree with the song.)

I'm also the only one in this discussion who has had an abortion.

The song is posted here for anyone who wants to use it. That's a matter of fact. It is my opinion that it is a dreadful song.