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Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Armourer's Widow
Subject: Lyr Add: The Armourer's Widow
A question about this song (who recorded it) came up on the Facebook page, but the asker didn't add much context, except that there was no information here at Mudcat. These lyrics appear in a book Tales of Sutton Town and Chase, with other tales, and some sketches. Including poems relating to Birmingham. Collect by "Tau". Illus. 86pp. 1904. VAUGHTON (THOMAS A.) (from a library listing here).

Transcribed from that book via a Google Books PDF:

The Armourer's Widow.
(author's note above the lyrics): To turn to the neighbouring town of Birmingham for a moment, it is evident from the following lines, how the memory of "Ruper's burning love for Birmingham," seared itself into the hearts of the townsmen and their descendants. This song, or something very like it, used to be sung in a sort of wailing monotone by the old nurse of a venerable lady, still living in the middle of the last century.

When Rupert came to Byrmingeham
We were in sorry plyght,
Our blood God's earth ystained by daye,
Our homes in blazing ruins laye,
And stained the skye at night.

With matchlock and with culverin,
WIth caliver and drake,
He battered down our ancient town,
He shot our sons and fathers down,
And Hell on earth did make.

Our children's cries, our widows' prayers
Ascended with the flame,
And callèd down the wrath devine
Upon the Royal murderer's line,
And brought his kin to shame.

Military history of Birmingham - scroll down to the 17th Century : the English Civil War for mention of this song.