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Posted By: robomatic
27-Mar-24 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hamas attacks Israel - part II
Subject: RE: BS: Hamas attacks Israel - part II
I appreciate the link to Haaretz. They seem to be kind of Guardian-like in their breadth of subject and attitude.

I've been expecting an Out-Of-Gaza proposal to develop. No idea where that will take us.

I have not caught up on my Thomas Friedman articles.

There is a kind of parallelism in the perception difference: In the U S we have many Americans saying that the Jan 06 attack on the Capitol Building was an 'insurrection' and others saying this notion is a hoax and at most it was a demonstration gone a bit over zealous. And with this and various challenges to our institutional authorites we are led by our timetables to a pivotal election in eight months.

The parallel I'm drawing here is the notion that currently a war is going on in Gaza between elements of the IDF and the Hamas rulers of Gaza. Versus the notion that it is an extended punitive expedition with unset boundries.

My overall observations are that this is mostly due to Hamas not wanting the incipient relationships developing between Israeli and neighboring Arab states. I personally think that all sides have suffered from what Thomas Friedman has called "Failure Of The Imagination." and going on in my words, the failure is combined with a perception held by some parties that this is a Zero-Sum situation, and that considerable religious and political bias is floating all around this situation.