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Posted By: robomatic
29-Mar-24 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: The Passing of Pets
Subject: RE: The Passing of Pets
Since my close association with an elderly and very deeply loved Lab, I am now Dogfather to a young 'mostly' Lab who gives great affection and happiness to her owners and protectors.
So I understand and empathize with your loss. I hope you draw comfort from your memories and stories.

I draw great pleasure from watching nature documentaries of all sorts, with special attention to anything with David Attenborough and specifically the NATURE series which has had individual shows about dogs (and cats).

Possibly you can be diverted by some of these shows or movies about the significance of dogs and other pets in our lives factual and fictional. thee is an interesting effort that is wither French or European about the imagined first interaction between hominid and canid. It is called 'Alpha'. This is to be informative it's not a recommendation.

Your writing is important because it highlights what absence does to us as well as presence. Be well and continue to share both here and at home.