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Posted By: robomatic
29-Mar-24 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: New Sci Fi
Subject: RE: BS: New Sci Fi
Today on a show I try not to miss: "Science Friday" they discussed Netflix' recent ?current? release of the series "3 Body Problem" by Cixin Liu. The books have won international awards, deservedly so. It is a magnificent effort by a Chinese writer with an engineering background. Among the interesting points of the series:
It's from a modern Chinese point of view but it is not ideologically enslaved.
It takes a somewhat pessimistic viewpoint of the interaction of other intelligent life forms. But it is consistent in developing this viewpoint.
While it is extremely imaginative, it takes the 'scientific' approach to science fiction which is similar to the current successful series "The Expanse" No matter transporters, no flouting of relativistic time limitations (well, maybe a little...) Conceivable forms of politics as an extension of how we poor obnoxious humans currently operate.

If you ever read an extremely popular Sci-Fi award winner of the 1970s "The Mote in God's Eye" I'd say this is sort of a similar type of intense species engagement through space.