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Posted By: GUEST,John Clarke
29-Mar-24 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Easter Gospel: DON'T CRY MARIE - JCC
Subject: Lyr Add: Easter Gospel: DON'T CRY MARIE - JCC
"Don't Cry Marie"
Jaque Clarke ... Sometime around 2K

Woman, why do you weep?
He is not here, the one whom you seek;
He is risen the Word to fulfill
As ordained by the Father's will;
Don't cry Marieeeeeeiiiiii-a!
Don't cry Marie.

The sparrow in the olive tree wakes
As the first morning of the week breaks;
There's a Roman short sword lying cold on the ground -
The tormentor's no where to be found;

Woman; Why stand ye here?
Are your eyes so dimmed by your tears....
That the Gardener here in the morning light stands -
And you can't see the nail scars in his hands?

From the moment He spoke your name;
This old world can never be quite the same;
You can weep for the children,
Lament for the war -
But grieve for Messiah no more!


        I composed a tune for it, which I used to sing and play on my guitar and thought it sounded pretty good - but later suspected that I might have unconsciously "borrowed heavily" from a pre existing popular song - so I can't really claim provenance for the score.
Although I've recorded several of my compositions, I never got around to recording this one (that I remember anyway). Were I competent at musical notation, I might attempt to write the score for it - but at this point the best I can do is hum a few bars and fake it to the best of my recollection.
A lot of my spiritual songs seem to be based on the Easter / Resurrection phenomenon for some reason. I guess that's how the Ruach H'Quodesh (Holy Spirit) wanted it - and that's who I humbly attribute all of my inspiration to.
As we embark upon another Easter weekend, it seems appropriate to share the lyrics/poem here on social media in hopes that it might bless someone and reflect glory back to YHVH my God and my Lord and Savior Yeshua H'Moshiach (more commonly known as "Jesus Christ" whose atoning death, burial and glorious resurrection we Christians typically celebrate this time of year.