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The pages were similar to this:


                            YODELIN' SLIM CLARK

                                        12/11/17 - 7/5/00


I had been planning to do a special page for my friend, Yodelin' Slim
Clark, in honor of his upcoming induction into the Western Music
Association's Hall Of Fame, scheduled for Nov. 16, 2000 in Tuscon, AZ.
Sadly, I must set up this page in his memory, instead, because to
paraphrase something that his pastor said at Slim's funeral, "The name
of Raymond L. "Yodelin' Slim" Clark will be added to the Cowboy Hall Of
Fame in November, but on Wednesday, July 5th, he was inducted into
the Heavenly Kingdom."

In 1996 Slim was inducted into the Walkway Of Stars at the Hall Of Fame
in Nashville, Tenn. His name can also be found on the Maine,
Massachussetts and Rhode Island Country Music Hall Of Fame rosters.
He entertained his fans for 70 years and has become internationally
known and loved. Like so many others who have gone on, there will be
no one to take his place---one of the last of the original yodelin' cowboys
has come to the end of his earthly trail, but he has left the world a great
treasure in the vast amount of music that he recorded over those 70
years. I have chosen some of my very favorite Yodelin' Slim Clark songs
to share with you.

I am proud and happy to have been able to call Slim Clark my friend. His
home was just "up the road a piece" from where I lived in Maine. He was
a man of great humility and he loved the simple rural life he shared with
his lovely wife "Dr. Kathie" in their mountain home on St. Albans
Mountain. His two children, Jewel and Wilf Clark have followed in their
father's footsteps and have become country singers. Slim was also a very
accomplished wildlife and landscape artist. He did beautiful work and I
am the proud owner of one of his paintings.

Two tribute songs that were written about Yodelin' Slim Clark will open
this show---the first by his lovely daughter, Jewel,(she has picked up her
Dad's talent for yodeling!), and the other by Slim's friend and Maine
country music entertainer, Jackie Woodbury, who refers to himself
jokingly as St. Albans' "other" yodeler!.

Rose, "The Record Lady" (7/20/2000)

LEFT CLICK on the to PLAY a song.
To DOWNLOAD a song RIGHT CLICK on the and then choose 'save target as'.


                   'My Dad' - Jewel Clark

                   'Ballad Of Slim Clark' - Jackie Woodbury

       And now---I present my friend, Yodelin' Slim,

                           the cowboy of the show---

                   'Old Album Of Memories'

                   'Call Of The Phantoms' (w/Dr. Kathie)

                   'Silver Bell Yodel'

                   'Bully Of The Town'

                   'Mathilda Higgins'

                   'When The Bees Are In The Hive'

                   'The Jam At Gerry's Rock'

                   'When You're Blue Just Yodel'

                   'The Fox'

                   'My Calgary Home'

                   'I Tickled Her Under The Chin'

                   'The Gal I Left Behind Me'

                   'Big Rock Candy Mountain'

                   'The Smoke Went Up The Chimney Just The Same'

                   'Vreneli' (w/Dr. Kathie)

                   'Trailriders' Moon'

                   'Stampede The Outlaw'

                   'The Cat Came Back'

                   'My Country Home In Heaven'

                   'Yodeling Mad'

                   'Savin' Up Coupons'

                   'Cactus Sue'

                   'The Swiss Yodelers'

                   'I'd Like To Be In Texas For The Roundup In The

                   'The Last Farewell' (w/Dr. Kathie)