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31-Mar-24 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Strontium 90 & radiation songs
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Strontium 90
my parents used to play it when i was realy young,early sixties
i think its in the aldermarston song book. this is what i remember of it, and i think there are two or three more verses.

strontium 90 strontium 90
falling al around
strontium 90 strontium 90
poiisening the groungd
with the fall out falling all the while
well soon be lit like a luminous dial
if we dont stop strontium 90
from falling all around

drink more milk all the posters say
drink a pint of strontium every day
but ive heared tell and i know its true
that strontuium 90 aint good for you

o you know that stuff its a load of guff
takes a lot more strontytium
before we snuff
it rots youre bones makes your teeth fallot
and shortens your life theres no doubt

the only safe dose of strontium is
absolutely nill

deose any one have the words to:
god rest ye merry gentlemen sleep easy in your beds
the independant british bomb is flying overhead
to go and kill the russians when the rest of us are dead
oh its tidings of comfort and joy comfort and joy
oh tidings of comfort and joy