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Posted By: gnu
17-Mar-01 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: Thought for the day -St. Patrick's 2001
Subject: RE: Thought for the day -St. Patrick's 2001
Is there really this much fuss made about St Patricks day in the US? ........

I guess here, in New Brunswick, CAN, we Irish descendants view St. Pat's as a way to publically celebrate our heritage. To share it because we are proud of the richness of it, from it's hardship and perseverence in the new world to the beauty of its prose, poetry and music not forgotten but enriched from that which we brought the old world, and all in between.

More over, we remember the immigrants, our forefathers, who were welcomed to the new land with signs like, "NO IRISH ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT" and, of course, "NO IRISH NEED APPLY." We remember the quarantines, the dead and walking dead, the predjudice, and the oppression they overcame in this land of promise. It wasn't easy, but they triumphed.

Yes, we do make a fuss, and we're darn proud of it ! Of course, some of us just like to party too !!


PS Spent some time today at our community's Celtic Cross, praying for the memory of those who died making the journey to this new land and celebrating the triumphs of those who survived. A tearful and joyous event. Other festivities started at dawn and will continue into the wee hours. Many bands, religious services, meals, readings, and, of course, green beer....yuk !!! No parade in the cold weather though...we're smarter than that !