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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
17-Mar-01 - 05:08 PM
Thread Name: A St. Patrick's Day Mudcat Oath
Subject: RE: A St. Patrick's Day Mudcat Oath
O had some green beer one time - it wasn't for St Patrick's, because that disgusting idea has never caught on the right side of the Atlantic, it was some ecological concoction the landlord had got in as an experiment that was that colour naturally.

But he couldn't sell it, so he gave free samples galore in the end. After a while it tasted quite good, nothing like beer, but OK.

But as for singing songs you don't like to people you don't like, and hating yourself for it, as Clinton lamented, what's the point of that? There's better ways of getting money, and if the music isn't fun to play surely it's no fun to listen to, and it's a kind of treachery, the kind of thing that kills it.

And as for Jim Krause, Dutch counts as Irish. Ireland is full of them - their was a Frying Dutchman ran a fast-food wagon in the carpark next to Cahir Castle for years, and very well liked. The only complaint I've got against the Dutch is that in my experience, they always seem to insist on playing Irish music, and won't play their own music so that the rest of us can share it. But maybe that's just in the Netherlands.