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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
22-Apr-24 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: How did the pandemic down time benefit you?
Subject: RE: BS: How did the pandenic benefit you?
I'll have to disagree, gillymor. Self-care must involve looking inward and seeing where we stand in relation to the tragedies you articulated. Last week at the credit union I picked up small bills for a garage sale. I'm happy doing things like the sale outside but I still wear facemasks indoors (at the CU, stores, museums, public places in general). Comparing notes with the teller about how coins have gone out of favor since their common use before COVID. I think of many things as BC and AC - Before COVID and After COVID.

During the pandemic I spent a lot of time sewing, something I hadn't done much of for years, and pampered myself by turning a messy kid's bedroom into an efficient sewing studio. I lost weight, and took up some old projects and hobbies. I listened to lots of audiobooks using the public library app I had previously ignored, and worked jigsaw puzzles. I cleared and organized the sunroom to give myself a dedicated table for working those puzzles.

Family members bought cloth fold-up chairs to keep in our vehicles so if we got together for a takeout meal we were prepared to set up in a park or parking lot. We've retained some of those practices.