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Posted By: GUEST,ghost
18-Mar-01 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: Nurd Talk: Tricks in Open Tunings
Subject: RE: Nurd Talk: Tricks in Open Tunings
So, guys, say I'm a player who has never been one to take notice of all the innovations of book learning when it comes to playing music and I'd like to understand just what those X's and O's mean when describing the chord. I think they mean open or do not place fingers here. Am I right? Then do the numbers describe fret positions for whatever fingers you might find able to accomodate? First I'll need a starting point or the tuning in question. I have only played in a few different tunings and explored only one in any depth. I've fooled around in a drop D tuning a little, where the low E is dropped to D. Is that what the chords described above are based upon?