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19-Mar-01 - 03:16 AM
Thread Name: Who/what is the Great Speckled Bird?
Subject: Lyr Add: THE CHILD'S SIDE OF LIFE (Wayne Raney)
also on Rose The Record Lady Website-
Archives Page 11

Recorded by: Wayne Raney

A little Boy stood cryin' in a courtoom
Before a Judge with face so grim and cold
He brought tears to the eyes of all the Jury
As they listened to the story that he told.

I know my Mom's not a Honky Tonk Angel
I know she's not as bad, like people say
I know my Daddy didn't mean the words he uttered
When he said she went a wild and wicked way.

I know my Daddy loves me and and he loves my Mommy
'Cause he told us that the day he said goodbye
He wouldn't tell us that he loved us and not mean it
I know my Daddy wouldn't tell his Son a lie.

I couldn't live without Mommy and Daddy
They mean so much to me Judge, don't you see
There'd be no Mom to kiss and tuck me in at bedtime
There'd be no Dad to hold and bounce me on his knee.

So would you ask my Daddy if he'll kiss my Mommy
As Mother, she will kiss my Daddy too
Then I know that all my Prayers have been answered
And the three of us can start our lives anew.

A silence fell upon that crowded Courtroom
Each one thought of the words that Jesus Saves
A little child shall lead them, was that wisdon
And homes began to build instead of graves.