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Posted By: Tweedie
20-Mar-01 - 04:46 PM
Thread Name: Nic Jones Perma-Data
Subject: Nic Jones Perma-Data
~###~ Nic Jones Perma-Data ~###~

"Nic Jones is in good spirits and living in York, U.K."
The following five albums are not on CD and probably never will be:
Bandoggs # Ballads and Songs # Nic Jones # Noah's Ark Trap # From The Devil A Stranger

Nic Jones himself will supply In Search Of Nic Jones
and this and
Penguin Eggs may also be internet-ordered from Camsco Records and Fish Records

DISCOGRAPHY / INFO SITE #1 (part of 'English Folk Singers' site)
Extensive data and links. All the lyrics.
This is at

IMPRESSIONS OF A GIG (part of 'Music That Means Something' site)
This is at

BIOGRAPHY / NIC's GUITAR TECHNIQUE (article from internet-magazine '')
All you need to know about the man and his music.
This is at

SOME MUSICAL PALS OF NIC JONES (some may have their own web site)

Phil Beer #

Mike Raven #

Pete Coe #

Tony Rose #

Dave Burland

Mary Black # John Wesley Harding # Nancy Kerr/James Fagan # Kate Rusby

Feel free to add-to or correct the above data, but -- hey -- let's not have thread creep ;
you can cheer Nic Jones and boo Celtic Records within the other threads.
You may be sure that if and when the proposed follow-up album to In Search of Nic Jones
is released, in will be announced at Mudcat in the first 24 hours.