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Posted By: CarolC
20-Mar-01 - 05:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: CarolC's Canadian Adventure 3
Subject: RE: BS: CarolC's Canadian Adventure 3
You're probably right, Little Hawk. (Hmmm....)

Subject: RE: BS: Canadian Diary (CarolC)
From: black walnut
Date: 20-Mar-01 - 02:55 PM

Carol....sorry it didn't work out for you and the rest of Orillia to make it down to a Toronto Song Circle. The weather didn't cooperate, did it? Well, I'm thrilled to say it's spring here now, and it's so hot today that we don't need earmuffs. Next time you're in the area, let's try to connect.

~black walnut

Hi black walnut,

Thanks for posting to my diary thread. I appreciate when people do that. I like to answer on this thread.

I'm sorry we didn't get to come down for a Toronto Song Circle, too. The weather was a bugger, wasn't it. There were also a lot of scheduling problems because of flattop's heavy work load, my low energy level, and so many choices of wonderful things to do.

I would love to visit your part of the world again some day, and I would most definitely love to hook up with more of those of you in the Toronto area. ( ...and see what it looks like up there when it's warm and green.)

Take care,