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Posted By: Les B
21-Mar-01 - 12:19 AM
Thread Name: Sabine Stick On Tuners
Subject: RE: Sabine Stick On Tuners
Everyone's querry about the effect of the tuner on the cow reminds me of a tale told here in Montana.

Seems rancher Jones had cow that was looking pretty sick. He got her herded into the corral and called the vet. The vet arrived, looked her over and said they were going to have to get a series of pills into her gut over the next few days 'cause she had a bad bug.

First,said the vet, we'll try plan A. So he gets out the pills and they try to make the cow swallow them. No go. She clamps her jaws closed and that's it.

Ok, plan B, says the vet. He goes around to the tail end of the cow, takes about 4 feet of garden hose and stuffs it up her ass. He then puts the first pill in the hose, sticks his mouth firmly over it and gives a strong blow, sending the pill down inside the cow (about where you do the Intellitouch readings !).

He then turns to rancher Jones and says, OK, you try it, cause this is what you're gonna have to do for the next few days. The rancher steps up, proceeds to pull the 4 feet of hose out of the cows ass, turn it around and re-insert the other end. He then puts the pill in, and locks his lips over the end that's been in the cow. The vet, horrifed, says "what the hell are you doin'?!?"

The rancher, puzzled, looks up and says, "well, dammit, I shouldn't be puttin' my lips where you've just had yours, should I ??"