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Posted By: Ringer
21-Mar-01 - 09:05 AM
Thread Name: The 29th of May
Subject: RE: The 29th of May
Hmmm... Thanks for the link, Malcolm. The dance there bears some resemblance to the dance I know. It isn't made clear there that it is 3 separate parts. My instructions (from heaven knows where) say repeat part-1 ad lib, then part-2 ad lib, then part-3 ad lib, but I find it's much more fun to dance it part-1, part-2, part-3, part-1, part-2, etc (or it would be if I could only work out part-3: part-1, part-2, part-1, part-2, etc is how we do it now, and is quite fun). I'll work on the part-3 from your link - I'm a great believer in "the more fun the better", and if purity of dance tradition falls by the wayside, so be it.

I believe, for those interested, though I can't remember where I came across the info, that 29th May marks Restoration Day, celebrating the restoration of the Monarchy after Cromwell's "commonwealth". All England, on that original day, went on an almighty bender in relief that Cromwell's puritannical reign was over.