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Posted By: katlaughing
21-Mar-01 - 06:01 PM
Thread Name: Non-Music - Academic Success Question
Subject: Non-Music - Academic Success Question
My son and I got into a rousing discussion last night and I told him I would throw it open to you learned souls to see what you think.

He was saying that to be an academic success one must be connected in some way with an institution of learning, i.e. college or university.

I was saying, yes, but there have been people whom I would consider an academic success who are more self-taught and have become teachers in educational settings, recognised as such, but not through the usual channels. And, also people who are not connected to any institutions of same, whom I would still consider an academic success because of their knowledge and the respect they receive.

We went to our respective dictionaries and looked up the word "academics" and it seems we could both be right. By one of the definitions I found, the Mudcat could be considered an insitution of art and those of us who teach/learn on here could claim academic success.

I believe the parameters have been blown to bits by the cyber-age.

What do you think?