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Posted By: Iguanaguy
22-Mar-01 - 08:51 AM
Thread Name: Twelve-String Guitars
HI All, Well, after reading several replies & going thru some of the suggested threads...I am going to try several things; first, try some lighter-gauge strings(any recomendations as to brand names?) second, see if I can lower the bridge some(the action is VERY stiff, really hard to bar chords... On an offside note, I have an all-black Washburn 6-string that is an absolute dream to play..soft action, great resonance...but it also has a slight tuning problem in that when I tune it without using a capo then put on the capo on the second fret(where I normally use it, to be in tune with my/my group's voices) I have to re-tune again...maybe I could tune it up to where I don't need the capo...?

mark V. 8:)