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Posted By: Peter T.
22-Mar-01 - 08:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: CarolC's Canadian Adventure 3
Subject: RE: BS: CarolC's Canadian Adventure 3
Don't listen to him Carol. Apart from the 2 square blocks around Yorkville and some honky-tonk taverns, Toronto was a miserable boring city in 1967. You couldn't find a decent restaurant in the city, it closed down at 9:30, and it was saturated in narrow-minded prejudice. It got better beginning in about 1967, and got better and better into the 80s and has only gone into decline in the last 4 years or so when the neglect of transit, bad-land use planning, and the antagonism of the government has begun to destroy it. Of course, in the perspective of the gods, the golden age of Toronto was probably the day you were there.

yours, Peter T.