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Posted By: GUEST,Bruce O.
22-Mar-01 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: Non-Music - Academic Success Question
Subject: RE: Non-Music - Academic Success Question
Let's not get into titles. The same words can have somewhat different meanings in different countries. What might be a Lecturer of Reader in England would be about Associate Professor in the USA. My understanding from long ago that Dr. was rare ain Germany, and there were more Professors than Drs, so double distinction was Herr Dr. Professor. I know some Germans Dr. researchers and teachers, but formal titles too often are barriers among peers, and titles are ignored.

I got volunteered on a project one time to upgrade the USA government's capability in a small area, where there were some international comparisons to be made. I had to design and build an instrument for the purpose. I looke at other designs, and saw Germany's PTB (Physicalishe Technishe Bundesanstalt) design, very complicated, but I thought one point was weak. I asked my chief what gives, I didn't thinl PTBs design would give the best answers. He replied that in Germany if PTB said it was right, then it was right by definition, and that was all that was required. If a German in another lab had an instrument that didn't agree with PTB's, then he had to juggle his instrument untill it did agree with PTB's.