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Posted By: Roger in Sheffield
22-Mar-01 - 02:31 PM
Thread Name: Help: AOL, email,porn
Subject: AOL, email,porn
My bosses wife keeps on mentioning that at home they receive explicit emails, they use AOL. I truthfully say that I have never received any such material and I use several different ISPs
Any AOL users out there? What do you think? Is someone playing tricks on them - giving out there email address as a sick joke. And what can they do stop these emails? I explained that using outlook express you can block emails containing certain words, but I am guessing that AOL doesn't use Outlook Express?
From the conversation I had today what Claire describes sounds more like the headers of some of the more unsavoury newsgroups, I tried to explain newgroups to her but she seems to think that these are emails. Any suggestions would be welcome as she is concerned that her children may see these dirty messages