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Posted By: GUEST,Web Dev in So Cal
22-Mar-01 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Help: AOL, email,porn
Subject: RE: Help: AOL, email,porn
Want less AOL Spam? Stay out of AOL Chat Rooms! There are thousands of bots (robots) out on the web that do nothing but scan AOL chat rooms for user names. Since user names on AOL are the same as email addresses its a no brainier. Second, turn cookies off in the web browser. Cookies are just plain evil, why would someone need to put a program on your machine to view a web site? Answer, They don't. You can write a cookie to do about anything. It may not be legal in the US, but you think a web dev or a script kiddies in North Korea cares about that? Not! Lastly, never give your real email address to a website that asks for it. If you must fill out a form use a phony email address or get a free one from yahoo or hotmail and use it as a Spam address. 99% of the reason you get junk mail is because you're a newbie and don't know any better yet. Don't sweat it, you will learn over the next couple of months as long as PAY ATTENTION!!!! Many people bag on AOL but remember, it runs on UNIX. Its way stable and very hard to hack from anything else but another UNIX machine.