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22-Mar-01 - 11:15 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: & REQ-Odd State Songs

(R. Mark Fogelson, copyright 1996 Fogelsongs)

I'd like to share with you a tale,
That started when I went out to get the mail,
N found a letter that was addressed to me
I came from my home town high school,
The place I used to always riducule
"Come to the all-School-Reunion" was it's plea.

As I read the letter, names floated by
Some made me smile, n some made me cry
And the thought of going back, well it nearly struck me dumb
But after thinkin it over I decided to go
I could drive on over in my old Yugo
So I R.S.VP.'d back that I would come (no pun intended)

N I saw Adolph, Mabel, Boyd and Tracy
Saints Peter N Paul who used to drive me crazy
LeRoy, Russell and my old flame Emily
I saw Myrtle, Kent, Byron, and Bertha,
Gary, Blaine and good ol' Alberta,
Herman, Florence, Tyler N Mallory.

The Welcome was given by Stephen Garfield,
who tried to Embarrass Luverne Butterfield
Then we made Good Thunder singing the school song in Harmony
A reading was given by Ann N Dale,
the food was blessed by Gray Eagle Ottertail
The Cook made some Rice, Black Duck, Orr chicken Canby

Then Hutch N son started up their band
We took off our Coats in the old Heartland
Woodstock it wasn't , but we danced till we were Sleepy Eye(d)
Then Shelly decided to take Cal-Away
'cause he'd been saying "Wannamingo?" all the day
So we Graceville(ly) agreed to shut down and say goodbye.

I saw Arnold, Maynard, Hope N Stacy.
Saints Michael N James who still drive me crazy.
Carlos, Franklin and another old flame Lydia
N I saw Bruno, Web, Gilbert and Alden
Cyrus, Kenneth N good old Austin
Elizabeth, Darwin, Douglas and Olivia
Brandon, Hugo, Warren and Victoria
Morris, Wendell, Randolph and Isabella

from the CD: R. Mark "Dance your Dream". Mark claims there are 77 towns from Minnesota mentioned in this song. He has a spoken ending that either includes a couple more or actually brings the number up to 77

rich r