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Posted By: Terry K
23-Mar-01 - 03:34 AM
Thread Name: Beginner guitar - G chord fingering
Subject: Beginner guitar - G chord fingering
This is probably an old chestnut but I'll ask anyway.

While I was showing off my recently acquired G chord, my smartarse nephew said "Aha, I see they've taught you the wrong fingering". He then showed me his method which is to use the little finger on the first string, leaving the index finger free. It certainly seems logical as the index finger is then in perfect position for C, F and G7 whilst the other two fingers merely move across the second and third frets without having to change pattern - much greater economy of movement and it does feel quite natural.

My concern is that if this was a "better" way, the world of guitarists would have adopted it as standard, so before I start to unlearn the more conventional fingering, does anybody have a view of whether this may lead to problems?

Cheers, Terry