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Posted By: John Hardly
23-Mar-01 - 10:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Amish virus
Subject: RE: BS: Amish virus
Just an honest inquiry Dave,

Maybe Alex has an ongoing rapport with Luke and they have been back-and-forthing treading on each other's threads.

As a casual observer, however, the act of pointing out Luke's redundancy to the site was really not necessary. If it was a repetition, it may have just died of natural causes, or it might have elicited responses from those who are less frequent visitors---with whom Luke may be able to make connections.

Maybe Alex was the one who started the previous gag, in which case he might tell me that he didn't appreciate his material being take w/out permission.

We're all reaching out in our own way for human connection, companionship, fellowship or we probably wouldn't be here--especially as regards posting BS. Unless Alex' motivations were as I stated above, or some other harmless reason, his post seemed merely aimed at ensuring that not only he, but following thread readers ignore Luke's proffered hand.