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Posted By: kimmers
23-Mar-01 - 10:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Women in space
Subject: RE: BS: Women in space
Well, if I were in space for 3 months, I would sure as heck not want to deal with the whole mess. I wouldn't be surprised if the women astronauts used Depo-Provera or something like it to manipulate their cycles. On the other hand, prolonged weightlessness leads to bone loss, and the absence of a normal menstrual cycle also leads to bone loss... so maybe suppressing the menses ain't such a hot idea.

As far as your original question, Alex, gravity is part of the process but not all. The non-pregnant uterus isn't very big, and liquid would find its way out eventually even if we all hung from gravity boots during our periods. Which would, I suppose, be an interesting test.