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Posted By: Mooh
23-Mar-01 - 11:28 AM
Thread Name: Beginner guitar - G chord fingering
Subject: RE: Beginner guitar - G chord fingering
Which brings me to one of the great enlightenments of music. Chords have several relatively easy fingerings on fretted instruments. This is because the notes from a chord can be played in any order (usually referred to as inversions) and there are several places on a fretboard where each note can be found, identical notes and octaves.

Just for example, try these other G fingerings. xx5003, 10/10/12/12/12/10, x/10/9/0/8/10, 15/14/0/0/15/15, x/x/12/12/15/15...there are others...So long as there are a G, B, and D in the chord, you've got a G major chord. Duplicating the notes in the same or other octaves just makes it sound fuller.

I suggest that a fretboard map with all the notes named on it will help identify the notes of chords (assuming the presence of a chord chart too) and finding the notes elsewhere on the fretboard will yield alternative chord shapes.

As for fingerings, use what's most comfortable and follow the dictates of its applicatiion. God, I love this stuff.

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