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Posted By: Banjer
24-Mar-01 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: Help: AOL, email,porn
Subject: RE: Help: AOL, email,porn
It always amazes me why, when 'it is so easy to become a millionaire', that anybody works anymore...If anybody can get rich, why isn't everybody rich and retired? Bet yer booty if I ever get that rich I won't spend my days sitting at this keyboard trying to make the rest of the world rich also...

Or how about the e-mail that if you don't pass it on to ten people immediately you will have bad luck for eternity? Anybody ever get rich off one of those? Or the one that claims that some fool pays for every e-mail you send and that there are folks that received checks for umpteen thousand dollars a month by just sending e-mails?? How dumb do they think we are??