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Posted By: Peter T.
25-Mar-01 - 09:11 AM
Thread Name: Johnny Cash's New Album: the Best?
Subject: Johnny Cash's New Album: the Best?
They were playing Cash singing "One" (the U2 song) in a record store, and I was so stunned I bought the album -- Solitary Man. This is the third in a series (American MAn III). I listened to the first one, and I thought it was self-indulgent, so avoided the second one. This one has at least two tracks on it -- "One" and "I See A Darkness" -- which are like pits of blackness and blood. There are one or two tracks that are pretty self-indulgent ("Nobody" and "Lucky Old Sun"), but overall it is stripped down to the bone, hell, to the marrow of the bone. Magisterial, I think.

I now have only one question: anyone know how to get blood and darkness out of a CD player? Seems to have clogged up my system all to hell.

yours, Peter T.