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Posted By: GUEST
26-Mar-01 - 07:43 AM
Thread Name: Non-Music...Non-BS: You know who you are
Subject: Non-Music...Non-BS: You know who you are
From your fertile mind come so many intriguing things....tempered wisdom that belied the significance behind your Mudcat name.... But from the beginning of my online interaction with you through the threads, I was to learn that this was your true nature - that your innocent and unspoiled approach to life was sincere, and substantive - not a thin facade over a turmoil of broken links to unreal expectations; and not a fragile veneer camouflaging a particle board mentality; or a hasty shell to contain a churning chaos.

And I wondered how, after looking at you through the screen, that you remained so pure, when surely all your years (as years are wont to do) must've spewed a bitter cloud over your eye from time to time.... I wonder still. The cynics may judge me pretentious in feigning a deeper vision than I actually possess, but I see a woman content in the process of becoming, always in humble awe of her own actualization moment by miraculous moment, never surrendering to the nihilistic shadows Life revives each time She places a jagged stone in her path.

Then, I think that you have discovered a simple but elusive secret: always know who you are and be content with who you'll become, and you'll know how to live.