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Posted By: FOG(Friend of Gnome)
27-Mar-01 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: Non-Music...Non-BS: You know who you are
Subject: RE: Non-Music...Non-BS: You know who you are
Oh well I guess I am obviously outvoted here. I didnt mean to get so many peoples backs up, just pointing out that to post something as personal as this on a thread is inviting poor lost souls such as me who have lost all faith in humanity (tongue firmly in cheek)to question why. Why doesnt he/she get in touch with him/her as a personal message instead of inviting all this speculation.

It just seems to be a bit daft on a general thread thats all.

To anyone who felt I was being bitter and twisted I apologise. I can assure you that I can see the compassion in people and am quite willing to beleive its a genuine heartfelt tribute and an expression of feelings.The Mudcat is a broad church and perhaps I was a bit hasty in my condemnation.

Sorry folks.