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Posted By: GUEST,Fibula Mattock
27-Mar-01 - 10:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: My Boss says I am too stroppy!
Subject: RE: BS: My Boss says I am too stroppy!
Hmmm. Clothes definitely change my moods. I haven't noticed jewellery doing the same thing, though I only ever wear the same ring (silver, plain), watch (metal, plain), pendant (bone) and multiple earrings (silver hoops and an amber stud). Oh, and a silver nose stud. And a silver belly-button ring. Feck, I've just realised I wear a shitload of metal on my body.
Shoes determine MY moods - big stompy para boots make me feel confident, trainers make me feel springy and energetic, heels of any height make me nervous and not very stable.
What kind of earrings are they?