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Posted By: mousethief
27-Mar-01 - 11:21 AM
Thread Name: Non-Music...Non-BS: You know who you are
Subject: RE: Non-Music...Non-BS: You know who you are
Guestguestguest(intruder) suggested we read the 80th chapter of the Tao, but didn't provide us with same. Here it is, for those who wish to see what it's all about.


Let there be a small country with few people,
Who, even having much machinery, don't use it.
Who take death seriously and don't wander far away.
Even though they have boats and carriages, they never ride in them.
Having armor and weapons, they never go to war.
Let them return to measurement by tying knots in rope.
Sweeten their food, give them nice clothes, a peaceful abode and a relaxed life.
Even though the next country can be seen and its dogs and chickens can be heard,
The people will grow old and die without visiting each others' land.


Not sure what this has to do with the current conversation. Maybe it's a koan.