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Posted By: Morticia
27-Mar-01 - 12:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: My Boss says I am too stroppy!
Subject: RE: BS: My Boss says I am too stroppy!
I had something similar happen a few months ago when I was accused of 'not being a team player'.On advice recieved from my learned friends here at the bar ( and if they're not at the bar, why not?) I decided to tackle my boss about it.Asked her what she meant by it, were there training issues or somesuch she wanted me to take on, etc. All done in a very professional and non-defensive manner but making it clear that I wouldn't stand for having remarks made that couldn't be explained or justified and were not constructive.
She backed down completely, abjectedly even, and is now quite clear what my boundaries are ( or how much crap I'll put up, either one).I would suggest dealing with this in a similar fashion and seeing what happens.