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Posted By: Ezio
22-Oct-98 - 01:47 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Field behind the Plough (Stan Rogers)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE FIELD BEHIND THE PLOUGH (Stan Rogers)


Watch the field behind the plough turned
A straight dark rose fell the trickle in your clothes
Blow the dusk cake from your nose
And hear the tractors steady roar
Ah ye can't stop now there's a quarter section more or less to go
And it figures that the rain takes it's own sweet time
You can watch it for miles but I guess you've got a while so
ease the throttle out a hair every rogs a gain
And there's victory in every quarter mile
For old choosey down the road
The hearach, plae and hoppers got him down.
Give up and move to town
Emmet Pierce, the other day took a heart attack and died at 42
You could see it coming on cause he worked as hard as you
In an hour maybe more you'll be wet clean through.
The air is cooler now, pull your hat brim further down.

Watch the field behind the plough turned a straight dark rose
But another season's promise in the ground

And if the harvest is any good
The money might just cover all the loans if mortgage all you own
Buy the kids a winter coat, take the wife back east for Christmas if you can
All summer she still down, when you're so tied to the land
Well the good times come and go
But at least there's rain and this won't be barren ground
When September rolls around

(Recorded by Any Old Time)

submitted by: EB

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