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Posted By: hesperis
29-Mar-01 - 12:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: My Boss says I am too stroppy!
Subject: RE: BS: My Boss says I am too stroppy!
Helen, THANK YOU! I was bullied in public school by gangs, and was wondering why I was only bullied by one person who I was able to deal with in high school. I guess because I wasn't popular enough, lol!

Then my first "real job" was a horror of bullying, which I didn't realize was happening until I was let go without references. I was accused of stealing from the pop jar, deleting important, confidential files, and of not doing my work, just in the last few days of my contract. Before the boss went away for a week, leaving a certain person in charge, the boss was more than satisfied with my work, and I fit in well with my colleagues. In fact, I trusted the person, and took a few of her suggestions, which hastened the whole bloody mess. I fit the "target profile" given on that website almost to every item.

The only difference is that I don't care anymore what others think of me - to a certain extent. I would prefer to be liked, but if I'm not, it's their problem.

It was still very painful to be "the golden girl" and then be the "pariah", for no reason that I could see. And the person who stole the money is probably still working there. Pathetic!

I really wish I'd known that before. I wouldn't have been so naive, and would have at least tried to cover my ass. But I really can't think in such a twisty, suspicious way, and so I have avoided working. I just can't deal with that crap. I'm not protected against it.

I just hope that I can promote myself well enough to earn a living with my creative projects, and not have the need to work for anyone but myself.

But THANK YOU! Because now I KNOW why it happened.