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Posted By: hesperis
29-Mar-01 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: My Boss says I am too stroppy!
Subject: RE: BS: My Boss says I am too stroppy!
Yeah. And I don't want to think in a twisty way either. So having an honest defense against bullying will really help!

The site is bookmarked, and I will be returning to it again and again!

I think part of the problem is that the workplace is an artificial environment much of the time. I get the impression that it is not humane, and people become inhuman trying to adjust to it. That's the other part of the reason I don't want any part of the "workworld" - it's not a world in which I want to live. I can create my own world quite nicely, thank you.

And so I am also building support systems of people who fit that target profile as well. Hey, maybe I can get REALLY good at this creative stuff, and have them on my creative team, too. lol!

So, from one integral person to another: *bows*