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Posted By: Greyeyes
31-Mar-01 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lassie o' the Mornin' (Jack Foley)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE LASSIE O' THE MORNING (Jack Foley)
(Jack Foley)

O yince I thocht the morning sun was brighter than the e'en
When it roused the glen and warmed the earth and nestled every gean
But it faded in the warmest sicht ma hert has ever seen
The bonnie bonnie lassie o the morning
And the sparkle o her laughter ever after I'll reca'
Like the trinklin linkin jinklin as the mountain burns fa'
But the hills are empty noo, the bonnie lassie she's awa
The bonnie bonnie lassie o the morning

The morning breeze was cool as mile for mile we gaed on
Reaching for the high high lands wi secret nooks and loans
Where the rocks were worn and weathered by the freens we'd never known
Together wi ma lassie o the morning
Thro the clouds intae the sun we scrambled tae the cairn above
While the ravens flew alow us and secret words we'd have
Then the hills threw oot their airms and gaithered us intae their love
And ma ain love for the lassie o the morning

".....'The Bonnie Lassie of the Morning' written by Jack Foley. Jack is well known in the Scottish folk scene, he was the editor of The Broadsheet for some time and has written several songs. The song came from a real life experience - Jack's second great passion is walking in the mountains - but the words surely could never have come without a firm grounding in the tradition. The first two verses give a flavour of the song but again, it is a majestic tune which gives it a magic that takes it beyond the mere poetic." Taken from this site

Can't help with the dialect, but I'm sure others will be able to.